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The Gooseberry Review is…

All about helping readers nurture a creative everyday way of life.

In some ways, this is a warm collection of essays, anecdotes, recommendations, photography and musings to help you turn inspiration into action. In other ways, this is a place where I share my decade of experience as a full-time creative entrepreneur to help you reignite you own passions and pursuits.

I like writing about sentimental living, the magic of making do, books, simple pleasures and working and living creatively as much as possible. The Gooseberry Review is here to encourage you that so — much — is — possible.

However you approach this newsletter, my hope is that it will help you connect more deeply with your own unique creativity, ignite your drive and bring your ideas to life in memorable and meaningful ways.

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Meet Laura (the gal behind GOOSEBERRY)

I feel most like myself when I’m putting words together on paper or looking through a camera. I’m a full-time commercial photographer, strategist and writer who founded Gooseberry Studios in 2013 to help entrepreneurs build beloved brands and a creative everyday way of life. When I’m not busy with my clients, I’m focused on my art career – producing whimsical limited-edition fine art prints, inspired goods and writing about topics that move me.

I believe in messy hair, bright lipstick and that even the smallest garden can be the dreamiest escape. I’m passionate about helping others turn inspiration into action and am mildly (read: completely) obsessed with dogs.

My photoshoots and brand strategies have helped clients land features in international press, produce best-selling books, create coveted online programs, grace the TEDx stage, launch beautiful retail and digital products, win awards and more. My work has appeared in a number of publications over the years, including Vogue UK, ELLE Canada, USA Today, and The Everygirl. It’s a joy and privilege to help others build their ideas into the real world in strategic and artistic ways that leave a lasting impression.

Okay, is that enough bio-ing? Thanks to my British upbringing, talking about myself will forever feel incredibly strange and awkward, so let’s wrap this up already, and get to the good stuff — building your ideas forward creatively!

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Founder of Gooseberry Studios (gooseberrystudios.com). I feel most like myself when I’m putting words together on paper or looking through a camera. Photographer, brand strategist, writer.