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I always wonder how readers find the books, authors and words that they love. Is it research? A happy accident? Fate even? I like to imagine that you’ve stumbled upon this humble anthology because a friendly stranger chatted with you about how to love a book while riding the subway or a dear friend gushed about calm being the key for magic at a recent brunch date; and now that you’ve arrived, you like these heartfelt scribbles enough to visit regularly. Thank you, truly!

So what is The Gooseberry Review all about?

The Gooseberry Review is a lovingly designed space to motivate and uplift those who dream of leading creatively satisfying careers and lives. It’s all about nurturing inspiration into action.

That’s the poetic version. The day-to-dayness of it all is a warm hodgepodge of essays, anecdotes and heartfelt scribbles exploring how to make creative working and living more achievable in your everyday.

The Gooseberry Review is a place to recharge and reignite your passions and pursuits.

My pledge is to protect these pages;
NO ads, NO paid partnerships, NO sneaky sales speak.

Just musings about creative working and living, and a quiet space to let your imagination breathe.

{There may be premium articles in future, but this core part of The Gooseberry Review will always remain free.}

Why I started writing here

Last fall my personal creativity was waning. All of the specific (yet vague) requirements to “create” on popular platforms for my studio left me drained. It felt like trying to squeeze myself into a pair of jeans that no longer fit – restricting, uncomfortable and frustrating.

Now, I’m at a point in my life where I refuse to wrestle into clothes that are too tight for me as a matter of principle, but I realized that I wasn’t carrying that philosophy into my creative world. I needed something more, something that felt truer to me.

Enter The Gooseberry Review.

I wanted a place to actually connect with my fellow Creative Adventurers (that’s you!) I want to enjoy deliciously verbose words that don’t fit within word limits. I want to embrace human poetry instead of strategic hashtags. And I want to wax poetic from time to time about things I find moving, motivating or sweetly sentimental.

I want to explore creative working and living without being anchored to trends. I want glorious originality, or at least the unfettered ability to try. I want to savour writing, concepts, photography, and artful insights. And if you’re reading this note perhaps you do too.

In a way, because my career began in magazines, The Gooseberry Review feels like coming home, and I am beyond delighted to welcome you to this fresh space.

In a time where much of the online world feels like a stage, my hope is that The Gooseberry Review resonates more like a close-knit dinner party where conversation and creativity are the main event.

Thank you for joining me here. I hope this humble newsletter helps you build a future that is bright with possibility – or at the very least serves as a dreamy diversion.

Meet Laura (the gal behind GOOSEBERRY)

Oh goodness, another day, another bio request. Cue the nervous sweating… here we go…

I’m just a gal who feels most like herself when she's putting words together on paper. I believe in messy hair, red lipstick and puppy kisses. I can usually be found guzzling tea (Earl Grey of course), chasing after my two fur monsters, biking, baking and sipping rye and gingers with loved ones. And I always have a little creativity up my sleeve wherever I go.

Before opening Gooseberry Studios in 2013, I worked in publishing as a multi-brand Web Editor for Canadian Living, Style at Home and ELLE Canada. Now I build compelling brands steeped in strategy and I craft painterly photoshoots for your work and life moments.

{I’m told I should include this — My work has appeared in a number of publications over the years, including Vogue UK, ELLE Canada, USA Today, and The Everygirl. My photoshoots and branding strategies have helped clients land features in international press, secure book deals, grace the TEDx stage, launch retail and digital products alike, reach seven figures in their businesses, win awards and more.}

In between all of that, I author this newsletter, The Gooseberry Review, in hopes of helping up-and-coming and seasoned artistic minds alike explore how to make a creative way of life and work more achievable in their everyday (fun fact: it’s far more possible than people make it out to be.)

Okay, is that enough bio-ing? Thanks to my British upbringing, writing about myself will forever feel incredibly strange and awkward, so let’s wrap this up already, and get to the good stuff — the actual writing!

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I’m keen to subscribe, but my poor inbox is bombarded with so many emails already…

I completely understand! So is mine, usually from businesses trying to sell me yet another something wrapped in a story. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

The Gooseberry Review only goes out once a month. And contrary to all the advice out there, I don’t keep a regular publishing schedule. My hope is that this feels like a fun friend dropping by for a quick chat over coffee, leaving you with a happier mindset and a renewed motivation for your dreams.

But if your inbox really can’t take it, I get it. You can always access new posts directly via the website instead. Either way, thank you!

A bit of the real real

Want to know a secret? Well, not a secret… a confession let’s say. Although I consistently write for client projects, it’s been years since I’ve actually shared any creative writing directly from me and my humble keyboard. So I’m a little nervous. Quite nervous actually, which I don’t know if I’m supposed to admit or not, but there it is nonetheless. Onward!

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